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Susan Odhiambo

Susan Odhiambo

“Five years ago, I could barely afford to feed my 6 children. Though we were poor, I dreamed of starting a business that would create good jobs in our community and importantly feed and educate the kids. Because of Afrikapu’s partnership, we have grown our handicraft business and today we provide work to over 8 people. Now I dream of providing good jobs for more people in my community – I have the encouragement to dream big now.”

Beth Ndeche

Beth Ndeche

“I never thought I would be able to have a job like this. At first, I began working as an Artisan to earn money for my education, but now I really love my job. I am paid well and I have become my own boss. Because of this work, I have started to study business management online, which is the most important thing to me now. The tools and advice have been the difference and am proud of where am from and I hope to share my joy creating gives me with the rest of the world.”

Agnes Opondo

Agnes Opondo

“I have been making African handicrafts and jewellery for over 17 years. I never thought of it as a fulltime job, always working casual jobs as a domestic worker or security guard to supplement the meagre earnings from my creations. It was always just a creative outlet. Now, after 6 months of working with this team and the access they have been able to create for me, I can now afford to focus completely on creating master pieces to sell all over the world. Their training on how to manage my finances has provided me with freedom and most importantly pride in my work.”

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